Google/Palo Alto Partnership
South Palo Alto Bicycle Facility Improvements

Google and the City of Palo Alto are partnering to improve bicycle route alternatives in South Palo Alto. Google funded the Planning Phase of the following projects to help support connections to their campus in Mountain View.

  • Alma Street Enhanced Bikeway
  • Cubberly Commuter Center Trail
  • Middlefield Rd Enhanced Bikeway
  • Louis Avenue-Montrose Avenue Bicycle Boulevard
  • San Antonio Avenue Bicycle Route
  • San Antonio Road Bicycle Route
  • Charleston Rd to San Antonio Ave
  • Middlefield Road to Nelson Drive
  • Charleston Road to South City Limit
  • Fabian Way to Middlefield Road
  • Byron Street to Alma Street
  • Bayshore Parkway to Byron Street

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Each project helps to build-out the Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Plan as envisioned in South Palo Alto and provides connections to other active projects including the Bryant Street Bicycle Boulevard Extension and the Charleston-Arastradero Corridor Project.

The scope of each project will vary depending on input received from the community during the Planning Phase but the City anticipates traffic calming measures project and adjacent residential streets, traffic signal improvements along Middlefield Road, and enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Project Status









Concept Plans are in development.